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I am passionate about working with couples to overcome past hurts, address current issues, and learn new ways to deal with solvable or perpetual problems. I enjoy seeing couples overcome challenges, and foster healthy positive relationships.

The relationship we have with our partner can be a source of great joy and contentment or, when things aren’t going so well, it can be the source of a lot of pain and hurt. Many couples seek couples therapy when they are on the verge of separation, or when one party has already emotionally left the relationship. It’s important to seek help as early as possible so you both have a great chance at making your relationship work, for both of you.


I trained to Level I in the Gottman Method, before having the privilege of being trained to Level II by John and Julie Gottman. The Gottman Method is an evidence-based approach that has been developed in conjunction with research into what makes relationships work.

The Gottman method was developed from decades of research and feedback from thousands of couples. The approach is based on the Sound Relationship House, which identifies the essential foundations for any relationship. It builds or repairs emotional connections, and improves intimacy and closeness by giving you the tools and skills to communicate with one another. It also gives understanding on conflict and how to effectively manage it by identifying, what Gottman calls, the Four Horsemen. The Horsemen are: criticism, contempt, stonewalling and defensiveness. The use of these Horsemen in a relationship has been found to destroy it. For each Horseman Gottman developed an anecdote, and these are discussed in our sessions.

True or False: It is conflict that strains a relationship and predicts divorce.
False: It is rather how conflict is managed that predicts the success or failure of the relationship.


Research led John Gottman to develop a list of six things that predict divorce:
1. Discussions beginning with criticism and/or sarcasm
2. The use of criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling in the relationship
3. Too much negativity
4. Having physical reactions to the conflict
5. When little effort is made to reduce tension
6. When there is a greater emphasis on the negative memories of the relationship, rather than honouring the struggles the couple has been through


The Gottman method is suitable for a wide variety of issues. It is normal to have some problems in your relationship, some of the time. However, if the problems are persistent and are affecting either of you, I would recommend that you seek professional help. These issues include, but are not limited to:
• Regular conflict and arguments e.g. over finances or sex
• Poor communication and difficulty communicating effectively with each other
• Lack of emotional connection and emotional distance
• Conflict around parenting styles, including stepparenting
• Lack of romance, passion and intimacy
• Feeling unsupported and misunderstood
• Infidelity, betrayal, jealousy and trust issues


Marriage or couples counselling can either be provided weekly or fortnightly, including after hours and weekends, to suit work/life schedules. I will soon be offering intensive marathon sessions to suit those who may find weekly sessions a problem with work commitments, live out of Mackay, or just want to start to get your relationship back on track quickly.

Couples Therapy is not eligible to receive Medicare Rebates. If you have Private Health Insurance check with your insurer regarding any rebates you may be entitled to.


Ask Glenda about completing the Gottman Relationship CHECKUP. You and your partner can complete your own questionnaires to assess your relationship’s strengths and challenges. The researched-based assessment was developed in collaboration with the Gottman Institute and will take around two hours to complete. After your initial appointment, Glenda can create a profile for you both to complete the questionnaires online.


The Seven Principles Couples Workshop teaches the seven principles that make a huge difference in your relationship. It helps couples correct unhelpful behaviours, and gives understanding on the little things to pay attention to each day.

The Seven Principles Couples Program is appropriate for couples recently engaged, in a pre-marital relationship, for couples living together, or same sex couples. It is also useful for couples who have been together for decades but would like to know how to have a better relationship.

These educational sessions are not appropriate for all couples. These couples include: those in severe relationship distress, where there has been an affair, when there is significant emotional or physical abuse, serious emotional or mental health problems, or relationships where one or both partners have an addiction.

The seven principles for making marriage work workshop is run over two days, with over ten hours of learning. Ask Glenda when the next workshop is coming up, or give an EOI today.

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