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An area of my work that I really enjoy is coaching parents to raise emotionally intelligent children. This involves education on the most recent research on child development and neuropsychology, as well as helping parents overcome barriers they may be facing when it comes to parenting. Especially when it comes to step-parenting issues.

Do you want to know different strategies that work for different age groups?

I have three Parenting Programs available for groups (join the next group, or organise your friends for a night out), or you can request individual sessions if you prefer. You can also organise your own group at a location that suits you. See below for program descriptions.


123 Magic & Emotion Coaching: Resolve difficult behaviour in children 3-12 years

123 Magic provides parents, grandparents and carers with a simple behaviour management program for children between 3 and 12 years of age. I can show you how to handle challenging behaviours, and provide you with the skills to eliminate arguing, yelling and smacking. At the same time, I will help you teach your children how to make good behaviour choices for themselves.

The 123 Magic & Emotion Coaching program is run over three weeks and sessions take about two hours. In the first session we look at parenting principles, and how children react when they become overloaded with information. In the second session we expand on parenting options, and I’ll show you how to count behaviours you want to stop. Then, in the third session we look at emotion coaching, what it is and when to use the strategy.


Engaging Adolescents: Resolve difficult behaviour in teenagers aged 13-18 years

Engaging Adolescents helps parents and carers develop greater confidence in parenting adolescents, while providing education on how to build a stronger relationship with their teens.
Some of the topics covered in the program will include:
• Reasonable expectation of teenagers
• Deciding what is worth reacting to and what is not
• How to manage challenging behaviours and deal-breakers
• What the different parenting roles are
• How to hold tough or difficult conversations
• How to build a positive, healthy and respectful relationship with your teen

This program is run over three weeks and will take around 2 hours per session. Group or one-on-one sessions with parents can be arranged. Ask when the next program is being run, or call me today with an expression of interest.


Circle of Security

Circle of Security (COS) is an early intervention parenting program based on decades of research about how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened. The program is for parents or caregivers with children of any age, but is especially beneficial to those with new born to six year old’s.
Some of the topics covered with parents and care-givers will include:
• Understanding a child’s emotional world
• How to support and manage their child’s emotions
• Enhance the development of their child’s self esteem
• Honour the desire for their child to feel secure
COS is run over four weeks in a group, and runs for approximately two hours.

Expression of interest for any of these groups is welcome, or book individual sessions by contacting Glenda Corlett on Mobile: 0421 773 258, or Email:





Self-funded parent coaching can be provided at any time, without a referral. Counselling can be via face to face, phone or zoom sessions.

The initial session will discuss the issues you are having with your child/ren and then we can implement positive parenting strategies that have been shown to work. I use 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching, Engaging Adolescents, as well as other proven positive parenting strategies. Together we explore possibilities, what strategies are working, and look at what your family values are that you want to instil in your family.



If parenting is causing you psychological stress, anxiety or depression, ask your GP if you are eligible to receive counselling under a Mental Health Care Plan. This way you will be eligible for a Medicare Rebate. I am registered with Medicare to provide psychological treatment, so let your GP know you would like to be referred to GC Psychotherapy Pty Ltd, fax number +61 7 3569 4319. You can obtain a Medicare rebate for up to 10 sessions per calendar year.

Or, if you have a health care card or pension card your GP can make a referral to Connect to Wellbeing where you may be eligible for free sessions. After you and your GP have completed a Mental Health Treatment Plan a referral is sent to Connect to Wellbeing. When Connect to Wellbeing contact you request you see Glenda Corlett.


Employment Assistance program (EAP) provider

Some EAP services provide counselling for parenting issues. Ask your provider if you are eligible. If I am not signed up with your provider let me know and I can apply. Talk to Glenda today.

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